Long-Running Jewelry Store Offers Financial Support

Founded in 1948, family-owned Royal Jewelers has a solid track record of offering the best designer jewelry and Swiss timepieces in New England. Today, the Royal Jewelers Main Street showroom is temporarily closed due to Covid-19. However, the dedicated Royal staff is busy working behind the scenes, responding to inquiries and shipping orders around the world.

Covid-19 has temporarily changed how the retail store operates. However, it hasn’t changed Steven and Paula Leed’s (brother-and-sister co-owners) dedication to carrying on the Royal Jeweler’s legacy and name. The siblings’ parents founded the store over 70 years ago. Their parents instilled in them a relentless commitment to creating happiness and memories for families. Both through the luxury products and personal service Royal Jewelers offers every customer. And through the charitable endeavors the Leeds take on to support the community and those less fortunate.

For the near future, Royal Jewelers has selected the Boys and Girls Club of Lawrence to be the beneficiary of that support. The Boys and Girls Club of Lawrence runs social, educational, and scholarship programs to serve the disadvantaged youth of the city.

Royal Jewelers is doing the following  to help the Boys and Girls Club of Lawrence.

1. Feeding The Need

The Boys and Girls Club of Lawrence provides meals to 300-plus children nightly. Royal Jewelers is funding The Boys and Girls Club of Lawrence to assist in running the programs and providing meals for the children in our local community. These programs include educational services, emotional support, physical activities and college resources.

2. Donating $20 for Every Purchase through May 5th

For every purchase you make through May 5th, Royal Jewelers will donate $20 to the Boys and Girls Club of Lawrence. The organization can use the funds, as they see fit, to meet the needs of the children they serve. Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are right around the corner. Graduating college and high school students, who have had their senior year disrupted, would appreciate a special gift. Check out the many options Royal Jewelers offers online. The purchase you make today to bring joy to someone special to you, will also help bring much needed services to children less fortunate.

Royal Jewelers can be contacted directly by email at Office@RoyalJewelers.com or by phone at 978-475-3330.

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